INGL 3238: INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING, three (3) credits, three (3) contact hours per week.  Theory and practice of the creation of fiction, poetry and drama.  Detailed in-class criticism of student papers by instructor and fellow classmates. This course can be taught in both traditional and distance learning educational modalities.

INGL-3230 Radical Women's Writing: The word radical according to Merriam Webster relates to “ favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions.” Given the contemporary rash of disinformation regarding gender and women’s issues, we will contemplate the use of the term to explore prominent women’s literature/feminist narratives in English through 20th and 21st century writers. Through the prismatic lens of various voices, we will explore the genres of poetry, personal narrative, short fiction and drama. These narratives will be paralleled against historical references, psychoanalytical approaches, critical texts and other frameworks in order to think critically, discuss and respond to the question of power in women’s voices, minds and bodies.

Course Description:

English 3104 continues to use the same skills as 3103 but adds analysis of literary texts. It may include a critical research paper.